Table of Contents

History of dentistry
Dental specialties
Human dentition
Types of teeth, tooth abnormalities, animal teeth
Dental surgery, dental team, dental unit, and basic dental instruments
Cross infection control in the dental practice
Communication in the dental practice
Managing dental fear
Interviewing the patient
Pitfalls of taking medical history
Dental radiology and radiography
Xerostomia and halitosis
Toothwear: erosion, abrasion, attrition
Dental caries
Preventive dentistry
Fluoridation and ozone therapy
Toothache and analgesia
Anaesthesia in dentistry
Restorative materials: amalgam
Restorative materials: composites
Cosmetic dentistry
Periodontal diseases
Dental trauma
Prosthodontics - indirect restorations
Forensic odontology
Gingival fibromatosis - writing a case raport
Ethical and legal responsibilities of the dentist
APPENDIX 1 Basic dental terminology - test
APPENDIX 2 Communication in the dental practice
APPENDIX 3 Questions